Nutella & Raspberry Panini

Alright guys. This is important. Really important. Like, as important as breathing. Yep, that important. See, I’ve kinda caught on to the Nutella cooking craze, but to be honest, I love my Nutella so much that I don’t want to waste it unless I know the dish will be EXQUISITE. So, for my first Nutella recipe, I tried something very simple, something that anyone (and I mean ANYONE) can make. Oh, by the way, I know its not exactly a panini, but it was good enough to deserve a fancy name. Plus, it could always be made with panini bread.


  • Nutella
  • Raspberry (or any other flavor) Jelly
  • Your choice of bread
1. Toast 2 pieces of bread. Let them sit for a few seconds.
2. Spread a generous amount of Nutella on one piece and your jelly on the other.
3. Put the two slices together.
4. Take a bite and experience the most amazing thing next to breathing.
I like to have a nice cold glass of green tea, but I bet some ice-cold milk would be amazing too. You may be thinking, is this girl crazy? It’s just a sandwich. Well, my friends, it is absolutely not. just. a. sandwich. Try it. You’ll see. Then you’ll be thinking, “Wow, this really is as important as breathing.” I told you so. Enjoy!

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