Lent: The ultimate challenge

Hey everyone!

So, today is the beginning of Lent. I haven’t ever participated, but recently I have become stronger in my faith, so I figured it would be a good thing for me to do. In school this semester, I have an environmental justice class, and I love it. My eyes have been opened to things and ideas that I never even thought of before. Because of this, I wanted to focus my Lenten resolutions somewhere in the food realm. We have learned a lot about toxins and food security, which has led me to try a Non-Processed Food Diet for Lent. I know, impossible right? In our day, almost every food is processed or has some sort of chemical or preservative in it. However, I kept thinking and did some research about it. I thought that it would be impossible to do, but after some reading, I felt way more confident in doing it.

Reasons #1:

In biblical times, they didn’t have processing plants or chemicals or preservatives. They wouldn’t have known what Yellow dye #6 or Aspartame was. In order to truly fulfill the real reason of Lent, this reason is the main explanation to why I am doing this

Reason #2:

Its super healthy. I’ve read multiple blogs of people who have followed a non processed food diet or a raw food diet. They all talk about how healthy and clean they feel. Not to mention the weight that they lost….

Reason #3:

I need a really strong reason to keep it going. My faith will be tested and I know that I will falter, but I have to keep going, and with Lent, I don’t have a legitimate excuse to break down and grab my jar of Nutella.

So, here I am, chronicling every day of my Lenten challenge and I hope that you all follow along. I want to provide you all with new facts and information everyday to help you make the best choices possible. This is going to be hard, terribly hard no doubt, but I’m going to do it.  I have created a more lenient version of a “raw diet” because under the circumstances of college (aka not having enough money or time to be completely raw), it would be almost impossible for me to keep up. Thus, my list of ok and not ok foods follows as is: (keep in mind that I am not knowledgeable about every little thing ( I’m human!) so things will be added and modified often on this list)

I can eat:

— Anything with less than 5 ingredients as long as I know what they are

— Anything that my great- grandmother would recognize

— Fruits, veggies, legumes without any preservatives or added elements (sugar, chemicals, vitamins, minerals)

— Greek yogurt (This is one thing that I am allowing myself because I don’t have time to cook proper breakfasts and Greek yogurt can be very healthy).

— Free range and cage free eggs

— Very lean meat that has not been injected with preservatives. (I will eat these in high moderation)

— Raw milk (probably won’t be drinking a lot of this)

I can’t eat:

— Any packaged or processed foods

— Foods with high sugar, sodium, fat, and preservative/chemical counts

— Pasta 😦

— Condiments

— Bread (unless it is homemade)

— Fast food (duh!)

— Cheese

— Chocolate (this is going to be the hardest)

Here we go!

Day 1:

Breakfast – – Chobani Pomegranate Greek Yogurt & a Banana

Lunch — 2 bananas and a cup of fresh spinach leaves

Dinner —  Spinach salad with dried cranberries, hard boiled eggs, zucchini, tomatoes, vinegar, and black olives. Rice with black beans, and steamed zucchini, summer squash and carrots. 

Snack — An orange, banana, and pistachios

I know that there are a lot of critics about restricted diets like this. I know that moderation is often the key in staying healthy. I know that things like milk and meat have great nutritional value as well. However, while this is about being healthy, it is mainly about my faith. Everyone has their own ideologies and that is the way that we are and should be. I hope that I can be inspiration for people to learn the truth about highly processed foods. I also hope that people reading this will engage me with their own suggestions and stories. Remember: I’m new to this!

This blog is not about pressing my opinions or ideas down your throat. It is just to raise awareness of a different lifestyle. I don’t want to offend anyone and I hope that no one will purposely try to offend me. There is already too much hate and pessimism in our world today.

I hope you all enjoy my blog and follow along with me! If you have any suggestions, questions, or just support, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment or message me. Let’s go!